• Christy McCaffrey

Abundance, Joy and Peace

What do you feel when you read these three words? Do you feel lighter, happier, more hopeful? Or do you have feelings of lack, anxiety, and yearning? The answer to these questions can be a clear indicator of the lens you are choosing to look through. If you read these words and felt encouraged than the lens you are looking through is a positive and hopeful perspective, if you instead felt anxious than the lens you are choosing to look through may need a little attention and care.

"My hope for you is that you find your own way to making your inner peace a priority, and that you learn to lean into abundance, joy and peace as often as you possibly can, because this life is yours to create!"

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned over the years is that I am in control of how I perceive my life, and only I am responsible for the perspective I choose each day. And that daily choice has a heavy influence on how I experience my life. Even the most negative and trying experiences, if seen through a mindful perspective, can produce good outcomes. I am not naive to the fact that this does not come easily to most people, as it doesn't come easily to me either. But I have found that when I actively lean into the possibilities of abundance, joy and peace in my life I naturally acquire experiences that produce positive results.

It's not to say that I don't get caught in a rut of negative emotions or cycle back to feelings of anxiety that cause me to feel less hopeful and joyful but in time I have come to value what it means to prioritize my own inner peace and when I do that I am able to make every day experiences feel abundant, rich and full of joy.

Recently, on my new podcast with my friend Christa Mantey (Wisdom Work With Christa and Christy) we were talking about how our energy can sometimes seep out of us in directions that we don't necessarily want it to go. Or how certain people or circumstances in our lives can trigger us into anger or rage. As we discussed how to best counteract these emotions when they arise, Christa shared with us how she chooses to see these frustrating experiences as a gift from the people who are triggering her. Christa says, " I like to see it (my life) as a movie, and all these people are just actors and actresses in my movie. They are all here to teach me something."

I absolutely love this perspective! Because if we are able to see the negative moments in our lives, or the negative people who come and go, as teachers, then we can gain a greater understanding of how much influence we actually have in our life experience. It all depends on how we choose to see it, and whether or not we are willing to learn, grow and expand and still at the end of the day choose to lean into abundance, joy and peace. If we choose to commit to our inner peace as the top priority than we naturally will be led away from obsessing over any negative people or situations in our lives, because if it costs you your inner peace than it doesn't deserve your attention.

Inner peace has become my own top priority over the past 10 years or so. I have worked tirelessly to maintain this peace, and at times it means that I may disappoint others but one of the greatest nuggets of wisdom my mom ever gave me was when she asked me, "Are you willing to disappoint yourself just to avoid disappointing others?" - and the answer every single time when I ask myself that question is simply, "No." And so much freedom comes from that "No." It steadies me and it grounds me in the truth I want to hold tightest to, and that truth is this: My life will always be mine to create, define and enjoy. And in order to live it fully I must invest in my own truth, cultivate my own perspective and live with complete authenticity as best I can.

My hope for you is that you find your own way to making your inner peace a priority, and that you learn to lean into abundance, joy and peace as often as you possibly can, because this life is yours to create!

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