• Christy McCaffrey

Trusting Your Intuition

Your insights and intuition are unique to you and, if trusted and followed, most likely will lead you in the right direction. But the question is, are you open and willing to trust it?

Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning

It’s likely you can pinpoint the moments in your life where your intuition was speaking to you, you listened, and the outcome was clearly linked to that intuitive nudge. And similarly, we can often pinpoint moments where our intuition was speaking to us, but we doubted it as being clear guidance, choose to go against it, and after the fact we could see that maybe it would have been wiser to trust it.

As much as we may understand this to be true it doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to trust our intuition in the moment. I like to look at it as a muscle that we need to exercise on a regular basis in order to build that level of trust. If we hear/feel intuitive guidance but we are too afraid to act on it we will never know what could be found on the other side of that fear. You can start by carving out some time to meditate or just sit quietly, allowing yourself the space to feel your intuition, or just simply start paying more attention to those little tugs or nudges that you feel.

My intuition has been very strong my whole life. From about the age of 7, or so, I can clearly remember the strong feelings I would get of intuitive guidance. For me it actually surfaced as an inner voice that was gently guiding me. It took me many years to hone in on this intuitive guidance and learn to trust it, but I can tell you that when I trust it, it never leads me in the wrong direction.

Although my intuitive nudges may have been strong from a young age, it wasn’t until my twenties that I realized that our intuition can only help us if we are willing to tune in, trust it and respond with aligned action. What is aligned action? Aligned action is when you act from a place that is deeply aligned with who you are at your core, and when you prioritize what matters most to you and then act from that place.

For me, coming to understand the idea of aligned action, in my late twenties, became a pivotal point in my life. I realized that I would not find true happiness if I continued on a career path that was not fully aligned with my truest self. I felt a constant intuitive nudge to move in the direction of doing work that allowed me to feel I was making a difference or being of service. I had no idea where to start or what career to move towards so I just remained where I was. I was afraid of walking away from a career that I had worked so hard to build (as a hair stylist since I was 18 years old) but I think even stronger than my fear of where to go next, was my fear of how I would be perceived if I walked away from my hard earned career in hairstyling.

Although my fear was strong, soon my intuitive nudges became stronger and stronger to the point that it felt like my inner voice was shouting at me to “make a move!” I had been running a non profit to raise awareness for the illness I lost my mom to, scleroderma, and it seemed like a crazy idea to abandon my stable job and throw myself into the role of non profit director full time, but that’s when the concept of aligned action became most clear to me. I realized that if I acted from a place of deep knowing, and followed the strong intuitive feelings I was having, that I would most likely land on my feet no matter how scared I was. And I knew that trust was the main ingredient needed for this move to be a good one. I had to trust myself, I had to trust my gut, and I had to trust that if I felt these nudges so strongly it must mean that it was a necessary move for the overall benefit of my personal growth and happiness.

Sure enough, my intuition was right and it set me on a path that eventually led me to the work I am doing now which is incredibly fulfilling and soul affirming for me. My career path is not clearly defined, I am truly living out my entrepreneurial dreams. So this means that my sense of stability can only come from this muscle I have been working hard to build – trusting my intuition and constantly checking back in with myself to determine what type of work best connects with my core values, my true self and aligns with what I feel my true purpose is - it's the way that I remain balanced and confident in my choices.

I believe that we can all be led by our intuition to live fuller more meaningful lives, but we must first be willing to listen to it’s guidance and then act from a place of true alignment. If you feel the tug to move in a new direction personally or professionally the only way to know if this tug is giving you accurate signals is to get still enough to listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you, check in with what you feel in your heart is true for you, and then take aligned action. With each brave step you take in trusting your intuition, that muscle will get stronger and you will soon realize that the greatest source of guidance you can access has been inside of you all along!

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